American television shows are popular around the world, especiall in english speaking countries like australia, Canada and the UK.  Hulu has tons of TV, in high quality, that you can stream on your computer, on you television, or on you iphone.  It's not wonder that there's a popoular demand for Hulu in The UK.  Shows like Glee, Despearte Housewives, CSI, and The Office are just some of the shows that poeple in the UK follow and look forward to new episodes of.  Hulu's free services has some of the newest episodes of these shows available.  The problem is that you can't watch Hulu from The UK.

This is because of the IP address of your computer.  You don't really need to know how it works, but basically Hulu knows where you are!  Many technology internet forums have unanswered questions about how to change your IP address, and even more have confusing technological mumblings trying to explain how to get an American IP address in the UK, despite the fact that it's actually very easy.  With a VPN I change my UK IP address to an American one in a matter seconds.

Again, how a VPN actually works is unimportant.  The point is that it works.  After signing up for the VPN service (there's no extra hardware), access to the VPN server in America is granted and with two clicks and a few seconds to sign in to the server,  the UK IP address assigned to your computer is insignificant - it's now got an American IP address! Easy.

VPN's are a great way to get an American IP address and watch Hulu from The UK for a number of reasons.

They're secure and reliable.
There's no technical expertise needed
They're widely available
They're legal

Many businesessmen and travelese use VPN's to secure their information while they're away from home.  For example, when I go to The London for busnesess, I don't just use it to watch Hulu from The UK, I also use the VPN when I connect to the internet at my hotel, the airport, and at the office.  It's very easy for those hacker types to be in the next room and http-jack unsuspecting computers in the next room.  I don't want to take the risk.  Travelers are in the same boat, and I wouldn't want to be caught without a VPN anywhere that censors the internet like China, Singapore, UAE, or Egypt.

VPN's arent just about protection however, many people use the to get access to Hulu, Netflix, and other local television sites.  VPN's are not just for getting an American IP address. I'm also able to watch BBC iPlayer when I'm back in The USA so I can catch up on EastEnders and Jekyll.

For anyone that wants to watch Hulu from The UK, a VPN is a great way to watch new episodes of your favorite shows as well as classic TV from America - comedy, drama, horror - it's all there.  And although their movie selection doesn't compare the Netflix yet, they're adding movies all the time.

Think about it!